Video clips

Video Clips

Dolly the runaway sex doll – Wildwest Comedy Festival

Helvis the Pelvis – Double Lucky Bar Perth

Hellgranny at Perth Poetry Club

Baloney Abbott on the Carbon Tax

Kit Marlowe – Moth Poem

Captain Helchild – Space Pirate

Baloney Abbott – Equal Love Rally Perth 2015

Queen Helizabeth the 2nd

The Queen aka HelChild Perth Poetry Club 2014 from CADT Photography on Vimeo.


More videos….

Baloney Abbott on “Gay Marriage”

Baloney Abbott on the Carbon Tax

Baloney Abbott shows up on election day:

HelChild as Wacko Jacko:

HelChild is Dolly the Sex Doll: Sex Toy Rights Activist!

Captain HelChild performing Crabs and the Rotto Express

Captain HelChild: the Bubble Rat Poem

Hel Granny’s Stories for Beddy Byes

HelChild does Kit Marlowe’s Grave


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