Helchild’s Cast of Apocalyptic Characters @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival! #MICF2019

Event Start Date:
March 27, 2019
Event End Date:
March 30, 2019
Event Venue:
63 Johnston St, Fitzroy


A raucous hour of side-splitting satire at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival!

27 Mar – Sat 30 Mar: 7pm – BOOK HERE!
Hare Hole (Hares & Hyenas), 63 Johnston St, Fitzroy

Join Senator Pauline Fartson and her political mates for this four night show in the luxurious Hare Hole.

Add a dash of Baloney Abbott, US president Donald Dump, Bob Catter, Scummo, the Queen and more in a vaudeville variety nightmare!

Plus guest comic genius Duff.

Witness acts of tragic climate magic and political puppeteering, where live stage characters interact with video ‘satellite’ characters in this cleverly crafted show!



‘Helchild is a brilliant and artful satirist who nails her characters to the floor. Pauline Fartson rocks!’ Pauline Pantsdown (Simone Hunt)

Journey with thrills and suspense to an apocalyptic finish.




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