Chaos Club


The Chaos Club is a unique alternative comedy/ music night, founded by satirical punk comedian Helchild, in Perth in 2013.

The Chaos Clubs has more than lived up to its name as a night of rebellious, deborcherous anarchy. Full of surprises, spontaneity and experimental mayhem. Other Perth gigs have copied it, but none have matched it.

Helchild created the show to promote non-mainstream comic performers, musicians and her friend’s punk bands, all of whom were having a hard time getting paid gigs on the ‘beige’, conservative and blatanly sexist and homophobic Perth performance circuit.

Chaos Club, as it was known then, began its first gig at the The Beat and its next five gigs at the Rosemount Hotel. Chaos Club 7, in 2014, was held at the Velvet Lounge. The show has always been produced and MCd by Helchild, with help from fellow Chaos performers and friends, on a monthly and bi-monthly basis.

The Chaos Club has featured top Perth artists including Ben Elliott, Jon Madd , Sean Conway, Pitbull From Perth and Tim Parkin. Plus some of Perth’s best Punk Bands including, The Deniros, The Shakeys, Aborted Tortoise, The Insinnerators… and Perth Punk legends, Dead Babies In Vomit.

In mid 2014, Helchild was hit by car and the show was put on hold until her recovery. Now with her recovery almost complete, Helchild is preparing new Chaos shows for late 2015.   


Here are some (in fact MANY) photos from Chaos Club events in the past:

Sean Conway pic Robbie goes bizerk robbie de niro 9 Neil chaos 3 Neil chaos 1 Mar chaos 3. kelly Kate chaos 3 Kate & wacko Jermaine pic 10678548_664017580380038_211778090929290608_n 10259804_632538696824539_1769418478937932069_n 10253740_632538623491213_5865042185556609926_n 10250151_632538270157915_7922966454229035374_n 10250151_632538270157915_7922966454229035374_n(1) 575307_529348373810239_1512465338_n Wacko at chaos 3 Vomit chaos winner 3 Vomit chaos factor Vomit and Hellgranny Vomit  B&W playing at choas 3 TMC chaos 5 TMC chaos 4 TMC chaos 1 Sunny Bell chaos factor shane hunter chaos 2 shane hunter chaos 1 shakeys chaos 9 Shakeys chaos 3 IMG_8730 IMG_8717 IMG_8715 IMG_8708 IMG_8696 IMG_8695 IMG_8690 IMG_8689 IMG_8621 IMG_2897 Farida chaos 2 Farida chaos 1 farida 1 dolly choas factor dolly chaos 5 Dolly and Vomit de niros choas de niros chaos 9 De niros chaos 7 de niros 1. DDolly chaos 3 DDBIV at chaos 3 DBIV4 DBIV choas 3 DBIV audience1 DBIV adience 2 Dave the De niros CHRIS AT CHAOS chaos shakeys Chaos dancers CHAOS CLUB DVD COVER IMAGE Chaos audience1. Caroline chaos 2 Ben13 Ben10 Ben and dancers Ben 4 Being Beta choas 3 being beta being chaotic Baloney5 baloney kissing baby Baloney 9 austin1 Audience emma dancing chaos Aquilla chaos 4 Aquilla chaos 1 Aqilla chaos 6 Adience dancing chaos 3 A dead baby 889 888 887

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