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Two Paulines?! Its Apauline!!!

22nd October, 2016

On October 8th, Helchild MCd as three characters at the historic comedy fundraiser, “Please Explain? Halal Certified Comedy” featuring Aria winner, Pauline Pantsdown in her exciting return, with ...

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JACKO LIVES!!! at Glory Republic Queer Party Launch 2016!!!

21st September, 2016

Rumours that Jacko is alive have been confirmed when the king of pop rocked up and featured in the remote Australian city of Perth, at the Glory Republic ...

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15th August, 2016

BALLARD OF THE CENSUS FAIL The 2016 census has been so special that it has been commemorated with this historical Ballard by comedian Helchild and Farida Iqbal BALLARD ...

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Pauline Fartson’s Promise To Rural QLD

Pauline Fartson’s Promise To Rural QLD

1st July, 2016

Pauline Fartson Election Campaign 2016 Polluted Queensland politician Pauline Fartson campaigns for the 2016 Federal Election. Alias Australian satirical comedian Helchild who is a Pauline Hanson impersona…

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