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Satirical comedian & comic poet, comedy MC/writer/producer, internationally exhibited visual artist. One of Australia’s most talented and outrageous character comedians and performance poets.

Originally from WA, Helchild is a queer, multi-talented artist, now based in Melbourne who’s work is witty, dark, imaginative and anarchic.

Helchild recently completed their successful Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2019 show, “The Apocalypse Variety Hour”, with guest comedian, Duff.                    Helchild also opened for touring show MICF show “The Dyke Side”, staring Lori Bell and Booby Macumber.

Helchild features annually at The Green Left Weekly Comedy Debate and regularly on Joy FM, 3CR, at Pride Of Footscray, and at local comedy and poetry events in Melbourne. Helchild also features at fundraisers, Protest rallies and private functions.

Helchild is a accomplished dancer and cartoonist/sculptor, who designs political puppets, props, costumes and inappropriate dance routines. Helchild collaborates regularly with filmmakers, sound FX artists and other comedians to create unique, hilariously innovative shows often with special guests.

With a gift for mimicry and transformation that few can match, Helchild literally becomes their characters in a way that makes them very real and 3-dimensional. Helchild has  performed more than 17 comedy characters including leading politicians, celebrities and invented characters.

Helchild Bio Pic 1Helchild has been writing and performing comedy and poetry as a headline act since 1995 in Perth WA, while battling sexual and homophobic prejudice in the arts, and a crippling illness at the same time. Both slowed Helchild’s career progress. Both battles Helchild is now winning, thanks to the joy and might that writing and performing humour brings.

Helchild has performed with renowned Aussie comedians Rod Quantock, Pauline Pantsdown, Kirsty Mac, Frank Hampster, Sean Bedlam, Carlo Sands, Gabe Hogan, Duff, Shane Hunter, Shiralee Hood and more.

Helchild is the co-founder of Perth Poetry Club in 2009 and ran/MCd The Chaos Club punk comedy nights in Perth from 2013- 2014, a unique monthly showcase of experimental comedy and poetry with Perth’s best and wildest punk bands.

Helchild has featured at Melbourne’s top Poetry venues including Passionate Tongues, The Dan Poets, Girls On Key, West Word and Melbourne spoken Word Prize.

Helchild has starred in six solo festival productions and headlined in many festivals in WA and the Eastern States, including Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Melbourne Fringe, Midsumma, Wild West Comedy Festival, WA Pride Festival, Melbourne Overload Poetry Festival, Perth Poetry Festival, Fremantle Festival and more!

Helchild features at protest rallies, fundraisers, regularly on radio – including Joy FM and 3CR and has featured on Melbourne and Perth CTV and RTR.  Helchild has been published in numerous compilation poetry zines, news papers and mags and Helchild”s latest illustrated poetry zine and comic poetry CD are available at their live gigs.

Helchild’s latest notorious characters:

  • Senator Pauline Fartson
  • Baloney Abbott
  • Bob Catter
  • Mr. Turdbull
  • Queen Helizabeth
  • Helvis the Pelvis
  • Jacko
  • Hell-granny
  • Dolly the Runaway Sex Doll
  • Kit Marlowe (Elizabethan playwright)
  • Captain Helchild (depraved pirate)
  • Aquilla the Farting Feminist
  • Colin Barfly (ex-Premier of WA)
  • Andy Whorehole

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