Helchild featured as a Dead Pirate at Poetry at The Dan!

Captain Helchild

In October 2018 Helchild features at the Dan O’Connell Dan Poets night with a horde of marauding open mic pirates for Helchild’s Dead Pirates Poetry feature! Marauders included Helchild’s alter egos Hellgranny and Daft Invader. Poet pirates included Bronwen Manger, Anne Marie Bowman, John McKellvie, Eddie Burger and comedians, Greg Fleet, Duff, Jacci Pillar and more!

Jacci Pillar
Bronwen Manger
Anne Marie Bowman with Helchild
Greg Fleet
Farida Iqbal
Daft Invader
Thom Kent
James Roberts
Eddie Burger
Marty Monster
Daft Invader and Paula Ferrari
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