Two Paulines?! Its Apauline!!!

On October 8th, Helchild MCd as three characters at the historic comedy fundraiser, “Please Explain? Halal Certified Comedy” featuring Aria winner, Pauline Pantsdown in her exciting return, with a new song and her original hits ” I Don’t Like It” and “Back Door Man”. The show was a fundraiser for Australia’s leading left news paper Green Left Weekly. Also featuring were some of Australia’s best left of center comedians including Kirsty Mac, Carlo Sands, Suren Jayemanne, Peter Green and MC Helchild performing as PM Spinbullshit Turniphead, who turned out to be Baloney Abbott in a mask, to the delight of the audience. And gate-crashing proceedings as an angry Pauline Fartson.  A side-splitting, wild time were had by all at the packed out venue!!!

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